Personal umbrella policy: Your liability safety net

A personal umbrella policy offers extra liability protection for a variety of circumstances. When accidents happen, lawsuits may follow. You can protect your financial assets and future earnings by purchasing a personal umbrella liability policy. A personal umbrella policy works with your existing insurance to add the extra layer of protection that you may need. […]

38 Ways to Make Your Backyard Safer This Summer

Every summer, the backyard is a hub of activity for children and adults alike. Marshmallows by the fire pit, dips in the pool, hours spent on play sets, and grilling dinner in the evenings are all summer backyard favorites. But though your backyard may be your favorite place to be this summer, it’s important to […]

Protect your home from theft this summer

For many families, summer vacations are the highlight of their year. Hectic schedules are put aside for rest, relaxation, and quality family time. No matter where you go this summer, family memories will be made that will last a lifetime. A bad vacation memory is coming home to a burglarized home or vehicle. Since people […]

Eight tips to protect your home and pet from a fire

When the kids go back to school and the leaves start changing colors, we start seeing news reports about fire safety. We see firefighters visiting homes and replacing batteries in smoke detectors or installing new ones. We hear radio commercials about getting your furnace inspected. Yes, the change in season brings about all kinds of […]

Outdoor gatherings: Making memories, not regrets

Block parties, wedding receptions, graduation celebrations, family reunions: These are just some of the events that are fun to take outdoors. But when you’re the host, your concerns need to extend beyond hoping for cooperative weather and stocking snacks. In general, any time you serve alcohol, host a pool party or provide equipment for entertainment, […]

Remember insurance as college students head back

Back-to-school time is a good time to review your insurance if you have a student headed back to college. Remember to talk to your independent insurance agent for advice to make sure your student’s car, electronics and other belongings are covered. Some coverage may extend from your own personal insurance policies, but individual circumstances can […]

Flood Risk Scenario Tool

Ride sharing may create insurance gaps

Drivers and riders who participate in ride-share alternatives to taxi services may be subject to significant insurance gaps. If you participate in ride-share services as a driver or if you use these increasingly popular services, make sure you have appropriate insurance coverage. Read more of this post

The top 5 reasons to promptly report a claim

Your insurance policy is merely a promise until you have a claim, but many people hesitate to report a claim to their insurer. Here are five reasons why you should promptly report a claim if you have an incident. Read more of this post  

4 Questions to ask your agent about auto insurance

Not all automobile insurance policies are the same. When you’re shopping for auto insurance, ask your agent questions about coverage BEFORE you buy. You will have peace of mind that your car and your passengers are protected, reducing the chance of unwanted surprises should you have a claim.   Read more of this post