Throw snow – not caution – to the winds

Winter weather can take many forms from mild to windy to cold to unpredictable — yet snowfall is inevitable in most temperate areas of North America. Along with the eventual snow is the need to clear it from the driveway and sidewalks of your home or business. That task can be much easier with the […]

Give your chimney a clean sweep

Homeowners with a wood-burning fireplace or solid fuel stove or insert can protect your property and your family by having a qualified professional inspect and clean your chimney at least annually. Maintaining a chimney through an annual inspection and cleaning is critical, especially as winter approaches and temperatures drop. According to data from the Consumer Product […]

Can you depend on crowdfunding for funeral costs?

It’s an all-too-common occurrence: A family loses a loved one unexpectedly and is forced to appeal for help to cover expenses. Many of us have seen the memorials on social media, the crowdfunding websites, or the donation bins at a local store for a family dealing with an unexpected loss. In many cases, the family […]

Matthew D. Becker has become an owner-principal of Johannesen-Farrar Insurance.

Andrew E. Groth, President, and Joseph P. Mulder, Vice President of Johannesen-Farrar Insurance have announced that Matthew D. Becker has become an owner-principal of Johannesen-Farrar Insurance. Matt joined the agency in July of 2006. “We are pleased to have Matt as part of our management team. His experience in the insurance business strengthens our firm […]

Prepare your family for severe weather and tornadoes

You can’t avoid tornadoes, but planning can help you recover. While tornadoes can occur throughout the year, spring and early summer are peak months in most of the United States. Prepare to respond to a tornado by stocking your emergency kit, updating your family’s emergency communication plan and checking your insurance coverage. “Tornado Alley” in the southern […]

Slider crime: Protect yourself from thieves

It’s not entertainment on a slide, a sport on ice or even a small hamburger. Slider crime is much more dangerous and is sweeping the country, particularly in urban cities. A slider crime is a new form of stealing. No longer do thieves simply target vehicles to steal, but their contents, too. And they are […]

When hiring a snow removal service, don’t forget about insurance

After a quiet December, Mother Nature has really created a ruckus in Wisconsin the last several weeks. From significant amounts of snow to extremely cold temperatures, winter’s back! If you’re fed up with shoveling, it may be time to hire a snow removal service for the remainder of the season. If you’ve recently hired a […]

Make sure you’re prepared to deal with your icy driveway

Here in Wisconsin, the weather is consistently throwing us for a loop. Anticipating snow and ice is something we all should do. If you’re looking to avoid an icy driveway this winter, or you’re curious about when and how to apply salt, here are a few tips to get you started: Before salting, make sure […]

Five tips to keep your pipes from freezing

Extreme cold temperatures put your home or business at risk for frozen pipes. As water freezes, it expands and puts pressure on pipes. When there’s too much pressure on pipes, they burst. Most times, the areas you need to be most concerned about are unheated areas, like garages and basements. Every year, insurance adjusters handle […]

Smart home technology for pets

From smart food dispensers and surveillance systems to ingenious toys and crafty crates, tech-savvy pet products are a booming market. Dog-walking robots may not be a reality yet, but we have recommendations for keeping your pets fed, safe, and busy while you’re away. With smart home technology devices, you can take some of the stress out […]